Solange Covers “The Edit” Magazine


Solange Knowles covers “The Edit” where she talks about her music career, standing outside of Beyonce’s shadow and how her son is inspired by her work.

Read some of the highlights:

On her career:

“I’m having the time of my life. I have one of the best jobs in the world, and to be able to [perform] for an hour a day and make a career out of it, I’m incredibly humbled by it.”

On defining an identity outside of her sister Beyonce:

“I don’t think any part of myself as an artist has ever had a moment of…intentional execution. It’s all just been an evolution. I’ve been able to watch such an incredible performer as my sister close-up. It’s molded me. And now I’m letting my son watch me.”

On style:

“Style in anything is very important. It’s how we express our individuality, who we are and what we believe in. It’s all a reflection of who I am.”

On her & her entourage’s hot style while performing at muddy Glastonbury

“That’s just because we’re Americans, and we didn’t know the real deal – Glastonbury is not Coachella! [Laughs] We did not know the proper dress code….By the third hour there, I was wanting Wellington boots! It was amazing. It’s a really unique environment. Everyone was so incredibly spirited and happy to be there. I dropped my phone and someone came and gave it back to me later!”

On whether her brother-in-law Jay-Z or sis Bey (both who have performed at Glastonbury) gave her any pointers before performing

“You know, we actually never even talked about it. But both of them had such incredible, iconic Glastonbury performances – I was really proud of them. And I thought that Jay opening with [Oasis’ song] Wonderwall was pretty kick-ass!”




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