Kevin Hart covers ANNEX Magazine


Kevin Hart covers the latest issuse of ANNEX Magazine where he talks about his DUI arrest,

On His DUI:

Don’t drink and drive! Don’t text and drive! Don’t talk and drive! Don’t breathe and drive! Don’t mix anything with driving. But on a serious note, plan your night and act responsibly. I learned a valuable lesson, it will never happen again.

On New film “Let Me Explain”:

“Let Me Explain” is a step above…I constantly try to show growth while doing comedy, I feel like my fans appreciate that more. Let me explain is going to shock a lot of people.




On Being a dad:

I have to be uncompromising when it comes to my kids time with me. I have to be committed to my kids or else the industry will always have you away from your family.

On his underrated fashion sense and fashion week:
WHO YOU CALLING UNDERRATED? Is that a height joke? I’m a f***ing sex symbol! I would love to make it to fashion week to answer your question…when and where ever that is…

On reaching a precipice of success and if he’ll ever leave stand up for the movie business:

First of all, I don’t know what “precipice” means so I can only take it as a sign of disrespect. NEXT QUESTION…but seriously I will never stop doing stand up its my foundation.

On Whats Next:

Several movies. 2013 is the year of the movies for me. Starting with my concert movie “Let Me Explain” in theaters July 3rd. I plan to hit the road in 2014 with a brand new hour.






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