Video: Kelly Rowland interview @ 93.9 WKYS talks Her breakdown during “Dirty Laundry” & Beyonce’s Reaction To The Song

93.9 WKYS @UrbanInformer sat down with Kelly Rowland to talk new music, past relationships, her emotional performance from the night before and a list of other topics.

Read some of the highlights:

On “Talk A Good Game”

The album takes you on a journey through my thoughts. It’s me being very open…which for a second, was a little hard on certain songs. I remember for “Dirty Laundry”, I was saying I didn’t want to put that on the album. It was a form of therapy. You’re supposed to grow and learn from it.

On what Beyonce thought of “Dirty Laundry”

It was the place that I was in…I was so young. My head was completely gone. That’s what happened with my sister. What matters to me most is what we have. I’m so grateful for what we have as sisters…away from Destiny’s Child. I played it (“Dirty Laundry”) for her and Michelle. Beyonce said, “I never left”.

On breaking down during “Dirty Laundry”

It’s really weird when you take yourself in front of a crowd. Even in that moment of when I put my feet up, I felt like I was in therapy. I was singing and talking about what happened, and for a moment, it was like that crowd wasn’t even there. And then when the music stopped…I was like “You are live Kel. Calm down.” And I had to calm down, and then I had to breathe. You get lost…and it’s nothing wrong with getting lost. But that was weird. I felt like I could do that with D.C.

On being empowered sexually through song

I felt empowered. And the first time I had a moment like that was with Rico Love (“Motivation)”. Singing the song just made you feel womanly.

On signing to “X-Factor”

Yes. I’m doing X-Factor. When I did it in the UK…I really enjoyed that process. I enjoyed the auditioning process, I enjoy watching the artists’ development. Because I went through that phase. And you want to be there….You want to be a voice of reason or knowledge. I think it’s important to be honest and give constructive criticism. I’m not a dream crusher.

Watch the interview here:

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