Solange Ft Kendrick Lamar – Looks Good With Trouble Remix


Solange releases the remix of her track ‘Looks Good With Trouble’ and adds a verse from West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Solange Launches Her Own Label with Sony

After dropping a remix to “Looks Good With Trouble” with Kendrick Lamar, Solange has another big announcement. The singer has launched her own label, Saint Records.

“Super stoked to announce I’ve started my own label,SAINT RECORDS,where I’ll be releasing my music & other projects distributed through SONY!” tweeted Solange.

Her next album is due on the label. “It is through SAINT RECORDS that I will be releasing my full length album, and also future music projects that I’m excited about sharing!”

The new deal gives her complete creative freedom.
“Through Saint Records I will have 100% creative/artistic control & continue to passionately pursue my footing in this new musical movement,” explained Solange.

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