Nicki Minaj – My Truth Episode #3

It started in Los Angeles, and for the conclusion on “Nicki Minaj: My Truth” we travel to the U.K. as Minaj prepares for her first-ever arena world tour. As the pop star meets with her production team, everyone seems to be on the same page until hours before her tour kickoff at The Capitol FM Arena in Nottingham, England.
The expensive high-tech stage isn’t set up and Nicki can’t have a full rehearsal, despite the issues the show must go on.

Following the first show, Nicki has an emergency production meeting where she angrily expresses frustration over her expensive set not operating properly.
In the end, before the next show in Manchester, everything flows perfect.
She immediately checks Twitter as fans called the live event the best ever, and Nicki heads out to meet her loyal barbz waiting outside hours following her concert.

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